Building each other up

Year 6 - Hooke Court - Day 3

Good morning from Hooke Court on our final day! Can you believe how quickly it has gone? We can’t!

Yesterday was a different sort of day. There were no trenches to crawl through, no drills to perform, no marching orders given. It was a day of immersing ourselves in the local area and appreciating all it has to offer in the way of food and farming!

After another very early wake up call by none other than the sunshine itself through our tents, we were treated to a continental breakfast to fuel us for the day ahead. A quick turn around and we were off…

First up, time to learn about local produce, air miles, our carbon footprint and where our food really comes from. We took all of this into account and had spent the morning having great fun producing a gourmet meal for 59 children and 6 adults! From quiches, to scones, strawberry jam to stuffed trout, there was not a recipe we did not tackle. And not a crumb left at the end of tasting either!

Next up, a quick lunch (not that much was needed after a morning spent in the kitchens!) and we were off again. We learnt about the sustainability of life on site at Hooke Court and explored the animals they rear and in turn become the food we eat for dinner here, the poly tunnels they tend to and got to taste some fruit, herbs and salad along the way too!

Finally, we were off out of the camp site on the country roads for a walk in the sunshine to the local dairy farm to experience the inner workings of life on a farm. We got to feed the lambs, walk alongside chickens, feel what life would be like for the dairy cows in their winter beds, explore the site and spend time inside the milking parlour seeing how Kevin and Helen get the milk from cows ready for the shelves of Sainsburys!

As if the day couldn’t get any better, when we made it to dinner boy were we in for a treat! Awaiting us was a BBQ in the sunshine – thick burgers, home made slaw, salad, potato wedges and chicken drumsticks. Followed none by nothing less than an ice cream cone for dessert. What a feast!

We rounded off the day with a party for all. There were silly games, hidden treats, chocolate cake to enjoy and sweet based prizes to be won. Smiles and laughing all round rounded up yet another brilliant day here at Hooke Court.

We cannot wait to see you all this afternoon and share all our happy memories made!

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Our mission, as staff, governers, parents and members of the wider school community, is to make this vision a reality, constantly building each other up in love and learning.