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St Stephen's

Building Each Other Up in Love and Learning

Richmond Museum Revisited...

This week, Year 6 revisited Richmond Museum for the second time this year! The children are given 15 to 20 minutes at three separate sand pits, where they worked in teams to excavate and record their finds in a log book.

To do this they were given a collection of different tools and learnt the skills of an archaeologist - gently does it was the key to protecting and preserving our findings! However, there was a slight twist...we didn't know what could possibly be in the boxes or what period of time they came from! 

We had to use our knowledge from across our time here in St. Stephen's (and our highly-tuned historical skills we've acquired too!) in order to work out what period of time we thought our findings could be from. What's more, they'd all be found in the local area of Richmond which was extraordinary to find out! 

In the end, the children analysed their findings, deciphered what the objects were and the clues that help archaeologists to use them to help us tell the story of the past. We had discovered objects from the Neolithic Age, the Tudors and finally from WWII. 

Archaeology at Work - Time Travellers in action; what a way to spend the week!