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St Stephen's

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The Pollution Solution

Last week we were visited by the Big Wheel Theatre Company who delivered an interactive workshop called The Pollution Solution. 

The Pollution Solution is a show about school travel plans, our transport choices and how they affect our health and the environment.

We looked at three key areas:
• Global warming – how our transport choices affect the world.
• The impact of traffic, air pollution and congestion in our local area.
• Why walking and cycling are almost always the best way to get around and how to do
this safely.

We started with an ‘ice-breaking’ exercise, followed by the showbiz game show ‘You Rule’, a live recreation of our local area as it is and as it could be without traffic and air pollution. This was followed by ‘How to Train Your Pollutant’, a blockbuster movie featuring two brave young Vikings who manage to save our school and the local area from air pollution by using a green wall!

Year 6 threw themselves into the performances and at the same time, learned more about the issues facing our environment and all the potential solutions that we have that could improve our climate.