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FOSS Online was a great success – Parent views…

The FOSS meeting on Tuesday was a great success. We had a great turnout, definitely more than if we had held a physical meeting. Some joined with a video link, some joined just by phone, some had a glass of wine, some had a cup of tea! We hope that by holding meetings in this way we will make it easy for as many people to join as possible.

We have attached the slides from the meeting and I have shared a couple of emails below from parents who attended the meeting and had this to say after….

“It was the first time FOSS have held a virtual meeting and it worked really well with a good number of participants and certainly more than turned up to the last physical meeting. 

If you weren't able to join the meeting I thought I'd share one particular slide with you from Tracey's presentation last night as I think, as parents, we can feel bombarded with requests for help, donations and support, but we don't always see how our involvement is making a difference to the school.  

The attached slide (slide 8 in the presentation) shows where the money raised through FOSS events is being spent.  It was a real eye opener for me as I hadn't realised how much of the money raised is actually being spent on what I assumed were core subject areas which would be fully funded through the schools budget.  Jess Tozer the school business manager and Ms Mizon were participating in the meeting and gave their very heartfelt thanks to parents for the difference the PTA funding is making to the opportunities the children have available to them.

Some of the areas include specialist language teachers, music lessons (instruments and specialist teachers), reading, art, history and geography.  

"I for one have often questioned why we have to have so many PTA events and have to raise so much money each year - so, I thought I'd share this slide as we approach this crazy Christmas period where the requests for help and money will come thick and fast - hopefully it helps to show that however you manage to help, whether its running an event, attending an event, sending in a donation etc, that it really does make a fundamental difference to the children's school life and the opportunities they are exposed to.” Deb Quantrill, YEAR 5 parent

“I am a new Mum to St Stephens, my son started in Daffodil in September. I have heard a lot of negative things about PTAs but having engaged with FOSS and attended their online meeting on Tuesday I have completely changed my mind and realise that without their engagement the school would not be the same. The online meeting on Tuesday worked really well and meant I didn’t have to organise a sitter, the FOSS members are really welcoming, honest and inclusive, most importantly I learned that FOSS funds; extra language lessons, Music lessons and equipment, new sports equipment, art equipment and the list goes on.  Also there are funds that go to each class and they get to decide what the money is spent on.” Hannah Paterson, Reception

As ever, if you would like to get involved in FOSS in any way or find out more, then please do get in touch with us at